remove amvo secara manual

6 04 2008

Aku dah naik muak dengan virus2 dan trojan ni… geram aku dgn bendalah ni…. sakit hati dan sakit kepala je… virus di atas ini ia memberi kesan kpd yahoo mesengger….

cara untuk remove virus ini secara manual:-

Buat dalam safe mode

1, Plug your pen drive and start working.
2, search for autorun.inf and delete the filr if you found in root of your partitions and pendrive
3, search for following file and remove them

4, open registry and take a backup of registry
5, search for “amvo.exe” and delete all the entry related to that file
6, Open “MSconfig” and remove startup entry of “amvo.exe”
7, update and scan with your antivirus

8,Restart Your PC



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